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Firefighting takes Courage, Faith, and Valor

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Name:Capt. Lucius Pompeius Lupus Nero
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Captain Dante Vincent Caesar Apollo Moretti

Nero Claudius Caesar ruled Ancient Rome 54 to 68, through the Great Fire of 66, until his suicide in 9 June 68. Known for his tyranny and extravagance, Nero was ruled to be a public enemy of the noble state by the senate and later killed himself before he could be executed properly.

During the Great Fire of 66, Dante was born in the lap of luxury in the countryside, his Mother watching the smoke rise from the ashen city in the distance as she held her newborn son. His Father, a great noble, looked on the city with little sympathy and sighed about how the smoked blacked out the sky.

Growing up in Rome, the den of sin, Dante learned fast how to protect himself and how to get what he wanted. When he was seven, he learned how to fight in school and ended up killing a boy when the boy tripped him. Dante’s father approved of his son’s power, his strength, and beat him at home to encourage his inner fire. At this rate, he was constantly being pulled off other boys, who made the smallest infraction towards him.

When he was ten, Dante was sent of to Roman Military School, and learned the proper way to slice a throat, and the proper way to kill a grown man, twice his size. He idolized the Spartans, and his Generals, he wanted to become one of them. Dante quickly rose in the ranks of his school, becoming the leading youth of his graduating class, and before long he was assigned to his own Roman battalion.

Under the watchful eyes of Mars, Dante grew into one of the most powerful men in Rome, nearly capturing the decorated seat of the emperor. Dante, having been wounded in battle, watched with rage as someone else took the throne. Mars, taking pity on the young soldier, gifted him with immortality. Mars saw a fire in him that no other warrior had, and wanted to keep him around for as long as possible.

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